Are you wasting money on your marketing?

Where should you invest your marketing budget next that would bring you the results you are looking for?

Where should you put more of your time and marketing efforts on?

Sure, you have a nice-looking website, but are you 100% sure that it is getting traffic? How much traffic is it getting and from where? Do you know if your marketing investment is paying off?

How would you know this? Are you actively monitoring your website's presence and traffic metrics like your competitors do?

You need to have a presence and traffic metrics system installed on your website to monitor its performance and your sources of traffic — as well as an online marketing expert to provide you with valuable consulting based on these metrics.

As a business owner/professional, you want to see your traffic, leads, and customers grow.

And so you need detailed statistics showing you how you come up in search results as well as your website's traffic and traffic sources for you to know what specific marketing implementation is working for you. This will help you know what to improve or optimize, and where to spend more money on.

Without an efficient tracking, metrics, and reporting tool, you wouldn't be able to track and analyze the following:

  • Organic search engine traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Social traffic
  • Paid traffic

You also wouldn't be able to:

  • Analyze abandon rates (and depth of engagement)
  • Identify or solve search engine crawl issues
  • Receive messages from the major search engines
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Without insightful data from our tracking and metrics system, and our
consulting, you will be left blind and clueless about how your website and your
marketing campaigns are performing.

This prevents you from:

  • Knowing what marketing implementation is working for you.
  • Knowing what to improve or optimize on your marketing campaigns and website.
  • Knowing where to invest your marketing budget on.
  • Launching successful marketing campaigns.
  • Growing your traffic, customers and your business.

If you are not tracking your presence and traffic, then there are serious consequences
for your business. What are some of the consequences?

  • You will lose the opportunity of recognizing and testing what would be the most effective and profitable marketing
    campaign for you even if it only means making a few tweaks.
  • You will continue to waste your time, effort and money.

We know you don't want this happening!
We know that it is in knowing your metrics
that you can build and grow
your business, your customers, and your profits.

Introducing the Advanced Tracking and
Metrics System that will Help Boost your Online Marketing — the Metrics Software!

You need a tracking and metrics system that shows all the crucial information you need to know in a user-friendly, logical, intuitive, and graphical interface. We know that you are a busy business owner/professional and so you need a tool that gives you an overview right there and then when it first loads.
  • You will also see how many are coming from organic, referral, direct, paid, and social sources.
  • You will know which campaigns are working or not and which ones deserve a repeat investment.
  • You will know if your visitors are deeply engaged in your content or if they leave right away.
  • You will know if there are crawl issues on your website, and you will also get official notifications from Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • You will know how many times each of your web pages comes up in a search query on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and how many times each has been visited, as well as its average ranking.
  • You will see the total traffic that your website is getting on the spot.

And how about this?

Every new search query or keyword that a user types in Google, Bing and Yahoo that any of your
web pages shows up for—even if it is 100 pages back in the search results—is automatically
detected and is automatically tracked on the fly!

You get the ultimate reporting on search and keywords intelligence!

You NEED to KNOW what's going on with your website's presence and traffic (without logging in to many different metrics to monitor) by having access to the ultimate tracking and metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

You can track your website's presence, traffic, and performance with ease—giving you a bird's eye view of your digital marketing efforts and allowing you to make better decisions on where to invest your marketing budget.

Well... waste your time, money, and efforts no more!

Sign up now to get access to [Metrics Software]—the tracking, metrics, and reporting software of the future!

For only 50 cents a day*, get valuable visibility and traffic insights to boost your online marketing.

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Sign up now to get access to [Metrics Software]—the tracking, metrics, and reporting software of the future!

For only 50 cents a day*, get valuable visibility and traffic insights to boost your online marketing.

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